Installing Faux Stone Panels on a Curved Wall

A curved stone-wall is one of the best design elements which specifically give businesses and restaurants the very charm they need. But this is also the fact that carefully attaching every stone on the wall while making sure that it matches with the other stones and bricks around it required special kind of expertise. Hence, the installation of stones on a curved wall ought to be an expensive practice. However, the good news here is that you can get the same kind of look on your curved wall with the help of faux stone panels, and that too with greater ease.

Installing faux stone panels on a straight wall is pretty straightforward task, but installing them on curved surface is something which needs to be done quite carefully. It doesn’t mean that this installation is going to be difficult. But it rather means that you will have to be careful while taking measurements. One thing worth mentioning here is the radius. The panels can be ideally adjusted on the walls with 10-feet radius. Anything less than that can cause the panels to crack or even break. When you intend to install faux panels on an 8-feet radius wall, you will have to cut the panels in several vertical strips. Here, the most important thing to take into consideration is to determine whether these panels would really work for your project. For this purpose, you can order a sample and use that sample to find out if the panel really works. If it does, you can order for complete supplies.

Use tape measure to find out about the required material that you are going to need. Use a level while taking measurements and mark them with a pencil. This measurement process is going to let you install panels while taking care of the alignments.

Now you need to attach panels using dry wall fitting method. You need to use wall nails to tack the panel from one side. It’s worth noticing that panel would not be fitted along the curve as it will be extended away from the wall at other end.

In order to ensure fitting of the panel along the wall, you need to use a hairdryer or a heat gun. You need to apply heat to the panels vertically at short distances along the panel while moving horizontally. That will help you in curving the panels properly. However, make sure that you are not overheating the panels because that will ruin the finish of the panels. If the panel is not curved according to requirement, apply heat again until it comes into required shape. When it will be properly curved, it is will be going to stay in this shape.

When the required shape is attained, you now need to attach is using adhesive. Use nails or screws at the ends of the panels to ensure proper attachment. The edges of the panels might get extended from the wall’s finish line. There, you can cut the panels according to your requirements.


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